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17.06.2019 Patents and Intellectual Property

Following extensive, confidential testing by Buyers Lab (BLI) on two very popular laser printer cartridge series, LD Products is boasting it’s Chinese-made, new-built cartridges (NBCs) will be a winner with US dealers looking for high-yield, non-infringing, quality cartridges targeted for use in MPS environments.

In order to complete the testing objectively and from a true end user perspective, BLI confidentially sourced NBC print cartridges from dealers during the first quarter of 2019 and compared them with the genuine OEM cartridges. According to BLI, the evaluation process took one month, with devices running at accelerated volumes and using an industry standard target, to accurately compare the cartridges on print quality, yield and overall value.

“Dealers know and trust BLI’s extensive testing methodology and, to our knowledge, this is the first time any new-build or extended yield cartridges have successfully completed BLI’s testing,” says Matt Daniel (pictured), VP Product Development at LD Products. “Now that we have these reports, we’re excited to refute the misleading claims made by OEMs and remanufacturers with fact-based information about how well our GOLD Line new-build cartridges perform in both reliability and yield attainment,” he added.

According to Christian Pepper, President of the LD Products Channel Partner Division, the BLI results confirm what they already knew from their own internal lab testing which followed an extensive product sourcing process in China. “We have recently published a series of testimonials from leading dealers as to the results they saw in their fleets, and now we have irrefutable data of how our cartridges performed against OEM in a head to head test by the industry’s leading 3rd party testing organization,” he stated.

“This report further positions the LD Gold Line as a clear leader in the aftermarket supplies industry and we are excited to share the results of BLI’s testing with our customers.”

The two cartridges involved are the 9,000-page CF226X and the 40,000-page extended-yield toner cartridges (compared with the 25,000-page original HP CF281X toner cartridge).

The BLI report included comments such as, “LD Gold Line cartridges produced good overall quality. Solids from the LD Gold Line toner were darker and richer than those produced by HP … All LD Gold Line cartridges tested operated reliably, completing testing with no malfunctions, and they surpassed their rated yields.”

Pepper says the full results will be made available to dealers at the ITEX Expo in Las Vegas on April 24 and 25. In 2018, LD Products claims it achieved the industry’s lowest return rate of 0.1%.