The virtual BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 Expo has started working —
107023, Moscow, Barabanyy per., 4/6, Business Center «Na Barabannom»

The virtual BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 Expo has started working

25.06.2018 Business-Inform 2016-2018, Expos and conferences, Information Agency «Business-Inform» news

Virtual Expo web-address: (in ENG), (in RUS) .

Virtual BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 Expo represents in the Internet all BUSINESS-INFORM companies-exhibitors, description of their products and news.

Every BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 company-exhibitor has a personal virtual booth (personal webpage) where we place following information: name of the company, its address, website, phone/fax, a contact person with his e-mail, as well as the company description , its product range, news, catalogues, ads, photos.

Every 3 month BUSINESS-INFORM can renew information on these booths (webpages)

The virtual exhibitions are very popular in Russia.

The total number of the virtual exhibition visitors increase substantially:

Virtual EXPO 2016 – 16720 visitors

Virtual EXPO 2017 – 22340 visitors.

Who are the virtual booth visitors? They are leading experts and senior executives of Russian companies-resellers of printing equipment and supplies.

Visit booths of «BUSINESS-INFORM 2018» on-line:

  • Click the mouse on the booth you are interested in. It changes the color for yellow
  • Keep your mouse cursor for a couple of seconds on that booth and the full name of the company it belongs to appears
  • Click left button on the booth and you’ll jump to the VIRTUAL BOOTH of the company it belongs to.