Russian Market of Printing Supplies 2019 – Cheap Products Continue to Dominate —
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Russian Market of Printing Supplies 2019 – Cheap Products Continue to Dominate

19.03.2020 Information Agency «Business-Inform» news, Marketing

Information Agency “Business-Inform” (Russia) has finalized the cycle of research of the Russian Market of the Office Printing 2019. The acquired results within the segment of supplies for monochrome laser printing demonstrated that in 2019 the sales of new compatible cartridges and the market of remanufactured products continued growth (as they have been doing since 2014), and the sales of OEM cartridges stopped falling and even showed small growth. However, this is not surprising given the fact that the number of working office devices and the volumes of office printing in 2015-2019 were not de facto different from the numbers of 2014. The issue is that the financing of office printing supplies procurement continued to diminish. So the majority of Russian companies had to provide office printing with maximum cost-cutting by buying ever cheaper and ever less quality products. And as the low-quality products were not able to provide the required volumes of printing, more and more cheap consumables and refills were needed. Buy cheap, and as it is said, waste your money.

The results:

  1. The share of Russian organizations using compatible consumables for office printing grew in 2013-2019 from 81% to 98%. At the same time the share of organizations focused on quality printing with compatible consumables went down from 34.6% (in 2013) to 11.6% (in 2019), and the share of organizations focused during procurement solely on price grew from 46.0% (in 2013) to 81.1% (in 2019).
  2. In conditions of economic sanctions during 2015-2019 the growth of cheap compatible cartridges procurement provided with new compatible cartridges (of Chinese origin) the considerable share of the market, 22.1% (14.3 mln. units), and lack of money to buy OEM cartridges diminished their share on the Russian market down to 12.8% (8.3 mln. units). Considerably grew the share of remanufactured products, in must be noted that the share of remanufactured new-built compatible cartridges became quite noticeable and constituted 45.7% (19.2 mln. units). Also one must note the appearance on the Russian market of quality remanufactured ОЕМ-cartridges of from leading European and American manufacturers. And even if their share is not yet large on the Russian market the very fact of their emergence shows that the Global remanufacturing industry not only exists but is ready to demonstrate the advantages of their products (first of all – the environmental friendliness, quality and effectiveness in MPS solutions) on the Russian market.
  3. The Growth of cheap cartridges share on the Russian market is reflected in final numbers: in 2019 the market grew by 2.05% in units and fell by 2.1% in USD.

The detailed report on the Russian market-2019 will be published in the ImagingWorld Magazine, Russian Edition (issue 27, 2020).