New Environmental Laws have begun to apply in Russia! —
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New Environmental Laws have begun to apply in Russia!

02.03.2020 Information Agency «Business-Inform» news, Marketing

Starting March 1, 2020, the import of IT equipment, printing devices and consumables (cartridges, toner, etc.) that violate RoHS requirements is NOT ALLOWED to Russia.

In 2021, additional bans will be introduced on the supply of products that violate REACH!

At the same time, only the results of the examination that was performed by organizations accredited to conduct such an examination in Russia and the EAEU countries will be recognized on the territory of Russia.

The situation on the Russian market of printing devices and supplies has changed. All suppliers and distributors will have to confirm the environmental friendliness of their products in Russian expert organizations.

The new situation on the Russian market provides additional opportunities for companies operating in Russia to increase their market share, and for new companies to successfully present their products on the Russian market.

The Russian market is waiting for new environmentally friendly products!

We invite suppliers of printing devices and consumables to participate in the international exhibition «BUSINESS-INFORM 2020» (Russia, Moscow, June 03-05, 2020)