AQCMS News: Three New Expert Councils Start Working —
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AQCMS News: Three New Expert Councils Start Working

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10.06.2019 Russian companies news

Following the growth of public and various level buyers interest towards the market of printing devices and related services, the Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers (AQCMS) strengthens its professional influence on recent processes, and within the framework of its strategic plans realization announces the beginning of its new three Expert Councils’ activity:

The Expert Council on Evaluating the Product Quality (headed by Kashinskaya Tatyana, Laboratory of Electrography)

The Expert Council on Informational and Environmental Safety (headed by Malinskiy Stanislav, Business-Inform).

The Expert Council on MPS Development Issues (headed by Pomyakshev Dmitriy, DaLZ)