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Full Promotion Contracts for 2023: Only One Contract Left for Sale!

20.12.2022 Без рубрики

Moscow, December 20, 2022— Information Agency “Business-Inform” concludes the selling of 2023 Full Promotion Contracts to the suppliers the high-quality printers, cartridges, toners and inks. The sales are to be closed on December the 29th. Just one Full Promotion Contract for high quality cartridges is left for sale.             Information Agency “Business-Inform” developed the Program for promotional support of...

The International OPEN QUALITY PRINTING CONTEST (2021-02) Continues!

29.05.2021 Без рубрики

Which alternative cartridges and which toners for refilling are the best for HP printers/MFPs? We will declare those brands already on the 11th of June! 43 Russian and 17 International brands have already become participants in the OPEN QUALITY PRINTING CONTEST (2021-02), where the best alternative HP CF244A, CF283A, CF226X cartridges will be determined, as...

Examining the Quality of Toners

17.06.2019 Без рубрики

There have been recent reports about the bad quality and health consequences of Chinese produced toner. Where does bad quality come from? Just as with any product from any country, the quality of toner depends on the manufacturer of that product and the decisions that are made by the formulator, and the purchasing and manufacturing...

Dealing with China: two leaders respond

17.06.2019 Без рубрики

Vincent Chen says building trust is the key—he is president of the HK HaoYinBao Group, known better as HYB Toner Do you see China taking on a more or less of a significant role in the imaging supplies industry in the future? Why? Yes. The Chinese products and their manufacturers are definitely getting more and more...


09.07.2018 Без рубрики

The United States is “opening fire” on the world with its threatened tariffs, the Chinese government warned on Thursday, saying China will respond the instant US measures go into effect as the two locked horns in a bitter trade war, Businesstimes reports. The Trump administration’s tariffs on US$34 billion of Chinese imports are due to go into effect...

US Supreme Court to hear Lexmark v. Impression Products Case

08.12.2016 Без рубрики

The U.S. Supreme Court this morning agreed to hear the case of Lexmark v. Impression Products.  This is a good sign that the highest court of the land will strike down Lexmark’s efforts to control cartridges after their sold, and to overturn the precedents that Lexmark has based its activities upon. The case will be...