New Issues of Cybersecurity in Office Printing —
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New Issues of Cybersecurity in Office Printing

31.05.2022 Expos and conferences, Information Agency «Business-Inform» news

  Moscow, May 26, 2022. — Russian University of Transport (MIIT) hosted the international theoretical and practical conference, “Intelligent Transport Systems”.

            On 26th of May, this year, Russian University of Transport (MIIT) hosted the international theoretical and practical conference, “Intelligent Transport Systems”. During the conference the reports from leading Russian and International specialists – the developers of modern intelligent systems for solving various transportation tasks – were presented. Within the Conference section “The Security of Intelligent Transport Systems” two reports were presented by the head of “Business-Inform” Group, Stanislav Malinskiy:

  • “The ‘Zero Trust’ Security Concept – the Principles and Practice of Implementation”

The report analyzes the changes within the landscape cybersecurity threats in the condition of COVID-19 pandemic and sanctions. It reviews the downsides of perimeter protection policy and substantiates the necessity of shifting cybersecurity departments of the Russian organizations towards the “Zero Trust” policy, while describing in detail the principles of such policy and possible issues in its implementation as well as corresponding solutions.

  • “The Vulnerabilities of Printing Devices Require Fast Removal”

The report analyzes the threats to cybersecurity of organizations caused by the vulnerabilities of printing devices. The results of successful attacks were demonstrated, the possible hacker-threats and their consequences were evaluated. The report reviews the most dangerous vulnerabilities of the modern printing devices by various global brands. Offered are the recommendations for timely removal of known vulnerabilities.

                On May 31st, within the framework of AQCMS and Information Agency “Business-Inform” Conference on the topic called “New Requirements towards the Cybersecurity of Office Printing Systems within the Conditions of Sanctions”, the head of “Business-Inform” Group, Stanislav Malinskiy, will present those reports together with a detailed analysis of vulnerabilities of all global printing devices from Global brands installed in the Russian organizations. A special attention will be paid towards the issues of cybersecurity of office printing devices occurring due to periodic updates of devices’ firmware by their manufacturers.