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Brothers Rolls Out New Laser Printers

26.02.2016 World companies news

  Brother are among the first OEMs to roll out a series of new, powerful, monochrome laser and all-in-one printers targeting a full range of businesses and home offices. The new machines highlight workflow, high volume, and connectivity features. The Brother L5000 and L6000-series models can connect with most mobile technologies, including Google Cloud Print...

Lexmark Advances Innovation with New Printers

26.02.2016 World companies news

  Lexmark has launched 7 new printers under its A4 color laser and smart MFPs category, claiming they have the fastest print and copy speeds in their respective A4 classes. The launch includes:  Lexmark CS700 Series Printers, Lexmark CX700 Series MFPs, Lexmark CS800 Series Printers and CX800 Series MFPs. Each new device is enabled with...

Kodak Chooses Quality Aftermarket Supplier

26.02.2016 World companies news

  LMI Solutions has signed a new brand licensing agreement that will allow it to market and sell quality laser printer cartridges under the iconic Kodak brand through popular channels targeted at business users. The Phoenix, Arizona based remanufacturer first started the licensing discussions with the Eastman Kodak Company at the RT Imaging Summitheld in Las...

Xerox to Split in Two

26.02.2016 World companies news

  Xerox announced it plans to split into two independent entities, a Document Technology company—which retains all the hardware and software—and a Business Process Outsourcing company—based around Xerox’s professional services organization. According to InformationWeek, the Document Technology company of Xerox “had approximately $11 billion in revenue in 2015, while the Business Process Outsourcing company had approximately...

Hubei Dinglong Reveals Three Targets for Acquisition

26.02.2016 World companies news

  Hubei Dinglong Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Dinglong, China) has unveiled the three domestic companies for acquisition, namely Hangzhou Qijie Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Chaojun Technology Co., Ltd and Ningbo Flexitone New Material Co., Ltd. In November last year, Dinglong released Suspension Notice on Important Issues and Suspension Notice on Major Asset Restructuring, announcing it would purchase...

Clover Imaging Group Rebrands

26.02.2016 Patents and Intellectual Property

  Clover Technologies Group announced the birth of the Clover Imaging Group (CIG) which joins Clover Wireless and Clover Telecom as a company in the Clover family. Launched last year, the CIG is now a sales and marketing engine to offer a robust family of products, services and solutions. All MSE, West Point Products brands,...

Remanufactured cartridge procurement celebrated as sustainable

26.02.2016 World companies news

An article from Supply Chain Management Review lists the French government’s procurement of remanufactured cartridges as an instance of sustainable procurement. The article highlights three examples of “sustainable procurement” procurement officers “can learn from”, as a positive example of where “governments or businesses have overcome” stigmas around sustainable procurement “effectively”. The example given relating to cartridges was an instance...

Printing “as crucial to businesses as ever”

26.02.2016 Marketing

A survey by Epson Europe found that printers “are a crucial feature” of office life across Europe. The survey, reported on by Misco, was undertaken by Epson Europe, which commissioned an independent survey of over 3,600 European employees, and found that 83 percent believe a paperless office is “unrealistic”, while 64 percent said they’d rather “read...

UK patenting to become more popular?

26.02.2016 Patents and Intellectual Property

A law firm believes that changes at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) might boost patenting in the UK In a piece for Lexology, Nick Braddon of UK law firm Barker Brettell LLP, asks whether “UK registered designs [are] set to become more popular” thanks to both a new online application service for patents and...