BUSINESS-INFORM 2017: 50% of the floor-space has been booked already! —
107023, Moscow, Barabanyy per., 4/6, Business Center «Na Barabannom»

BUSINESS-INFORM 2017: 50% of the floor-space has been booked already!

07.12.2016 Information Agency «Business-Inform» news

The booking of the booths for participation in BUSINESS-INFORM 2017 (Russia, Moscow, May 17-19, 2017) International Office Equipment, Supplies, and Parts Expo continues.

The majority of the Global office printing supplies industry leading companies, as well as the leading Russian distribution and reselling companies have already booked booths for BUSINESS-INFORM 2017 Expo participation.

This expo is well-known in Russia as a meeting point for leading consumables manufacturers/suppliers from USA, Europe, Japan, China and leading Russian reselling companies. It is this very Expo that is visited by the executives from the majority of the Russian consumables reselling companies in search of new product-suppliers and new profitable product-offers.

If you want to develop your business in Russia, it is absolutely required to take part in BUSINESS-INFORM 2017 Expo, since it is exactly the Expo that opens new possibly of business-developing before you!

However, you should not delay any longer!

The number of companies that want to participate in BUSINESS-INFORM 2017 is growing. Up to this date more than 50% of the floor-space has been already booked.

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